It important to talk and meet each other . In fact, the project development is based on the customer’s targets and specific needs.

It must be customised just like a tailored dress.


What kind of services does the architectural firm offer?


  • Building design
  • Energy-saving green building design
  • Interior design
  • Exhibitions design
  • Safety
  • Turnkey implementations
  • Sworn technical consultancy
  • Property valuations
  • Energy certifications

What are the operational stages of an Interior design project?


1. A turnkey implementation including the following steps:

  • • Defining the economic and project goals, eas well as the customers’ needs.
  • • Developing one or more project proposalsclearly explained to the customer by means of 3-D images plans and sketches.
  • • Drafting the technical documentation concerning the chosen solution.
  • • Estimating the costs for the chosen solution including every single detail, from the professional service to
    • building works,
    • plants (heating, cooling, electric, anti-intrusion devices, etc…),
    • finishings (floors, coatings, sanitaryware, tapware, lighting fixtures ), as well as furniture (if required).
  • • Drafting the agreement followed by customer’s signature in acceptance.
  • • Compiling and forwarding the required technical-administrative documents to the competent offices.
  • • Execution and superintendence of the works.
  • • Safety coordination.
  • • Coordination of any outside companies selected by the customer
  • • Forwarding the documents concerning the conclusion of the works (variation of the cadastral data…)

Professional service offering
Professional services include one or more entries of the above mentioned list.


What are the main differences between the two above-cited approaches?


The turnkey approach lightens the burden on the customer, who benefits from a finished job without any concern except making his own requests. This kind of solution offers more advantages in terms of price control of the finished work as well as timeliness, as there is no wasted time due to the coordination of companies.


Is the quote free?


An overall quote is free and with no commitment. Yet, if a more thorough project solutions, rendering details and costs are requested, we need to know how many hours we spent on them since most of the work is actually focused on this stage.


Is it possible to buy only one overall project or the drafting of an administrative procedure?


It is possible to offer any other part making up the finished work.


Where do you work?


We mainly work in Tuscany, yet we have worked and we accept assignments outside Tuscany as well.


And what about renewable energies?


Our firm is able to carry out projects according to green building and energy saving criteria. Extensive expertise in this field is paramount in our firm.



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